Thursday, July 3, 2014

Suggesting Solutions: The Letter I Delivered to the USPS on June 19

Nano still fits into my bike basket,
but doesn't like it as much as he did as a puppy

Lots of people have asked to see the written communications related to this incident. I'm classifying documents into three buckets and treating them differently

  1. Documents I authored - like the letter below - I have no problem sharing. Any identifying information about another person will, of course, be redacted/removed.
  2. Documents authored by others (USPS, MACC, attorneys, etc.). I will only post this kind of information after careful consideration and after names/personal information are redacted.
  3. Formal documents, such as the MACC report or the MACC hearing judgement. My attorney has advised me that I could post these documents if I wanted to because they are a matter of public record, but, for now, I'd rather not go down that path. If I ever do decide to publish formal/official documents, of course all personal information will be redacted and I will have my attorney review it prior to posting.

Here are the contents of the letter I hand-delivered to Powderhorn Station on June 19 at approximately 1pm:

June 19, 2014

To the United States Postal Service - Powderhorn Station

In order to reach a resolution and restart mail delivery service to all the residents at XXXX Chicago Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55407, I propose the following good faith precautionary measures, which go above and beyond what Animal Control is requiring of me.
  • Mail is usually delivered at approximately 9am to XXXX Chicago Ave. S. I will keep my dog, Nano, inside my apartment during the hours of 8-10am, on days mail is delivered (barring an emergency such as a building fire).
  • In recognition that mail is not always delivered at the same time every day, I will further listen and look down the front stairwell (it’s an open stairwell, I can easily see/hear when mail is being delivered from the 3rd floor of the building) before bringing Nano outside for bathroom breaks. If mail is being delivered at any time of day, I will either:
o   Wait for the mail carrier to leave the building and be out of sight or
o   Use the rear entrance of the building that opens to the alleyway to bring Nano out of the building
  •   If I see any mail carrier in the neighborhood at any time of the day during bathroom/exercise breaks with Nano, I will use any means possible to create distance, such as: crossing the street if traffic/pedestrian lights support that action or walking the other way.
I welcome the opportunity to discuss these precautionary measures in person or over the phone. I also welcome other reasonable suggestions to ensure mail may be delivered to XXXX Chicago Ave. S. with confidence.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation in this matter.

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