Thursday, July 3, 2014

USPS Changes Their Mind - And It's a GOOD thing!

Nano says thanks too, even though he doesn't get much mail

Chalk this one up to Things That Make You Scratch Your Head and Go Hmmmmm?

The plan for resuming mail service was that I needed to have my MACC (Animal Control) hearing on July 9 and be in documented compliance and *then* service would be restored. That seemed reasonable compared to what had been going on, so we were relieved.

Mere moments ago, the condo association president and I both got calls/voice mails letting us know that mail service would be restored on July 5. They asked that I adhere to my suggested solutions - and I most certainly will - a more motivated person does not exist on this planet - but that's the only requirement!

USPS, we don't know why you changed your mind. But, you just made an entire building full of people, including one newborn with very tired and overwhelmed parents, very relieved.

And, here's an open offer to the USPS from me, if you ever want to form and work with a citizen's advisory council on how to communicate clear expectations to pet owners and create a standard set of national policies and procedures for how animal interference is handled, communicated and appealed/contested - I would be more than happy to assist you. I would volunteer my time. I think it's that important.

Of course, not all is sunshine and roses here at #teamnano Central - we assume the civil litigation is still in play, but ... one thing at a time.

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