Friday, June 27, 2014

Nano's Is a Star + the USPS Budged About a 1/2 Inch (Better than No Budge At All)

Nano's 15 minutes of fame (we hope)
The biggest things that happened today were:

  • I got some work done - you know, the stuff that pays the bills!
  • Nano (plus Kris and I) were interviewed by Allen Constantini from KARE 11. It is a great piece that really focuses on the mail delivery issue, which I'm glad about because there are 10 households being inconvenienced mightily.
    • Something I want to say here that didn't make it on air has to do with ALL dogs - regardless of size or breed. Dogs and their people must know they will be treated fairly by the USPS. And that there is a documented process that will be followed for ALL dogs/dog owners. And there needs to be an appeal process. And there needs to be proper documentation that attorneys, Animal Control and other legal professionals may review if the event is in question.
  • I did receive calls from a USPS Consumer Affairs Official as well as an official from the Postmaster's office. These are the first two calls the USPS has initiated to me in 17 days. I've called them and managed to get people on the phone, but NOBODY has called me until today - I call that progress. Minor progress, but still ...
    • Consumer Affairs worked hard to urge some kind of decision to take the heat off for the June 30 deadline - so that was good. 
    • The Postmaster official said the USPS is willing to hold off on any final decision until the MACC (Animal Control) hearing is complete. At that point, they will "discuss mail service". Let's just say that while I appreciate the heat being turned down, the stove is still turned on. We will see what happens after the MACC hearing. We could easily be back to where we are right now, except with more evidence supporting Nano in it's completed form. Maybe I should be a little more trusting of what the USPS says ... actually, no, I shouldn't. If Nano is guilty until proven innocent, then so is the USPS.
  • My MACC hearing is July 9 ... I just found out this evening
  • I asked again for the medical report and photos to be shared with my attorney so we could hire a forensic expert. The USPS said that they wouldn't release that information for a MACC hearing. I asked if I would have to initiate a federal suit to obtain the information and clear Nano's name and the answer was, "All I'm saying is that we can't release it for an Animal Control hearing." So, reading between the lines, yes, I would need to initiate a federal lawsuit. So, you know, give a few dollars if you can - no pressure:
  • And you guys ... really, you guys ... whatever you've been saying, it's working! 
That's what I've got for you.

I'm going to give some thought about our next call-to-action and post it Sunday night/Monday morning. I just want to think about the proper response now that we're on a holding pattern. 

As always,
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- ap and Nano, TV Personality

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