Wednesday, June 25, 2014

USPS Policies and Written Recommendations

Cover of USPS publication Postal Bulletin, dated May 1, 2014
Issue code: PB 22388

I found this information in a USPS publication called the Postal Bulletin. The May 1, 2014 (PB22388) cover story focused on National Dog Bite Prevention Week, which was May 18 - 24, 2014.

This information was included in the story - I have added the yellow highlights and bold typeface:
Progressive Warning Letters and Thank You Letter
This section offers materials for you to use to help your letter carriers do their jobs more safely. You can use the progressive warning letters to alert dog owners to the possible loss of mail delivery if they do not restrain their pets. Additionally, don’t forget to send a letter of thanks when they do!
Warning letters, like collection letters, need to be handled tactfully. The first and second sample letters on the website tell customers what we want them to do. The third tells them we have taken corrective steps. The fourth and fifth letters detail the customers’ options. In using these letters, keep in mind that our purpose is not to police the neighborhood but to obtain a safe environment in which carriers can do their work. Though most customers will respond to your first polite request, be meticulous in following up if they don’t. Otherwise, your efforts will not be taken seriously.

Nondelivery of Mail Policy
The availability and use of the repellent does not replace the policy of nondelivery of mail where there is animal interference!
Collection and delivery service personnel are to report the name and address of the customer where such interference occurs to the Postmaster or authorized supervisor, who must immediately telephone the customer and request that the animal be confined during the usual delivery hours in the neighborhood. The Postmaster or authorized supervisor must further inform the customer that (1) no deliveries will be made until this is done, and (2) service will be restored upon assurance that the animal will be confined.

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