Saturday, June 28, 2014

Official Press Release from the USPS = Good News For Condo Tenants

Nano sends his most enthusiastic thanks to all (and so do I)

I received an email this morning containing an official statement from the USPS. I must express my gratitude here to the USPS, specifically Consumer Affairs and the Postmaster's office, for making a lot happen in a short amount of time on Friday afternoon. Also, it is a huge relief to me to see, in writing, that a common sense approach will be taken to resuming mail service. That is all I've ever wanted from Day 1.

So, USPS, if anyone there is reading this: I sincerely thank you. It was a rocky path to get here and we both had to endure some difficult days, but I am grateful to see we have a reasonable, logical plan in place to resume service. I guarantee you, I will hold up my end of the bargain and continue to work with Minneapolis Animal Care and Control to resolve this issue and will endeavor to get you the official documentation of my compliance as soon as humanly possible after my MACC hearing on July 9 at 3pm.

The incredible news is that once the USPS can officially confirm I am in full compliance and/or have completed the MACC (Minneapolis Animal Care and Control) requirements and/or the case is overturned, then they will resume mail service!

Each and every one of you made this happen - thank you so much. This is your win as much as it's a win for the residents of the condo and, hopefully, for Nano and I too.

I wish I could officially clear Nano's name, but I can't do that without photos or medical records being turned over to my attorney for forensic analysis. But that may be a bigger headache and financial commitment than I'm able to invest.

In the meantime, I am planning to live by the guidelines I suggested to the USPS on June 19, whether or not they require it too. Mainly because I want to protect Nano from mail carriers - an unfortunate consequence because he has had many mail carrier friends over the years but one I think it is prudent to take.

Here's the press release from the USPS:

Statement - U.S. Postal Service 
In the past year, 32 Postal Service letter carriers in Minneapolis were bitten by dogs. That number ranks 11th worst in American cities. There have been numerous other attacks that did not result in actual bites.

The dog attack on a Postal Service carrier on June 10 produced a bite wound on the carrier's upper thigh near the groin area, with puncture marks and bruising that required medical attention. At that time, the decision was made to curtail delivery to that address. We have concluded that once the dog owner is in documented compliance with all requirements as specified by Minneapolis Animal Control, we will resume delivery. 
"The most important duty I have is to provide the safest working environment possible for our employees," said USPS Northland District Manager Anthony C. Williams. "Part of that is doing everything in my power to ensure that no employee ever has to be a victim of a dog bite. We empathize with the residents who were impacted by our decision to suspend delivery, but ensuring the safety of our employees and customers will always be our first concern. We will work to resolve this and get delivery back up and going as soon as possible."

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