Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Want To Help? Call the USPS - Since They are Allergic to Phones, Let's Give Them A Ring

Hello Friends, Old and New -
You guys are restoring my faith in humanity. Let me tell you, the USPS can crush that faith down pretty fast - actually it took about 2 weeks for me to feel about as deflated and defeated as I've ever felt in my life.

You fine, fine people want to know how to help. Please know, you already have by the outpouring I've experienced since Jon Tevlin's story went live tonight on Thanks to Jon for such a wonderful piece.

He hit the main points, but there are a lot more details to the story, which I'll be sharing here as I can. 

What can you do to help?

Call the Postmaster General at 612-349-4400 and/or Powderhorn Station at 612-722-3973. Let them know you are calling in support of Alicia Patrick and her dog Nano. 

You will be told to call a PR guy, but that's okay. Tell the PR guys the info below about what we want to happen. But still, make the calls to the Postmaster General and Powderhorn Station - they have wasted days of my life with this nonsense, let's waste some of their time too and make sure they know people won't stand for this kind of abuse.

Politely and respectfully ask the USPS to:
  • Resume mail service to ALL the tenants in the building.
  • Accept the list of good faith precautions provided on June 19 as a way to ensure mail carriers can confidently deliver mail to our building. Here's what I offered to do:
    • Keep Nano inside my apartment from 8-10am each day mail is delivered.
    • Be cautious exiting for walks at any time of day on mail delivery days - I can see down the stairs to the mailbox slots and if the mail carrier is there, I will wait until they are gone or go out the back exit.
    • Create distance if I see a carrier in the neighborhood.
  • Allow Nano and I to stay in our home together.
  • And (new item), agree not to "keep an eye on me" if/when I move. They say they won't track me, but that's exactly what they are saying they will do. And then they'll start this whole thing all over again - or so they say - shutting down mail service to the entire building I move in to. This is outrageous.

If you'd like to do more, please know that Nano's legal fees are mounting and if you would like to donate to that fund, there is a CrowdTilt set up here:

No pressure, of course.

Thanks again for the support, you guys. I went from feeling like a droopy, sad balloon to a bright, strong, red balloon in mere moments thanks to each of you. Nano also says thank you.

xoxo -
alicia & nano

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