Friday, June 27, 2014

TGIF - Let's Give The USPS Something To Think About Over The Weekend

This is Nano's patented "Look of Love" --
It's how he looks at me all the time, every day, even right this minute.

Wow. You people know how to party. Yesterday was one crazy day! All I can say is thank you. Our efforts were impressive and  this is what happened:

  • 3500 calls to the USPS (keep calling! #s below)
  • Jon Tevlin's article shared 1500+ times
  • I got a FB page set up for Nano:
  • We were #1 on Google for various search terms
  • I'm being contacted by the media
  • And, the USPS appears to have blocked the name Nano from their Twitter feed

Here's what you can do to help today:

  • Call the USPS again today. If we can get even more people to call on the second day, that'll give them the message, loud and clear. 
    • Postmaster General in Minneapolis: 612-349-4400
    • Powderhorn Station: 612-722-3973

    • The national toll-free number 1-800-275-8777 - at the voice prompt, ask for Customer Service and when you get someone on the line (I didn't have to wait long) refer to case # CA-118435565. I opened that this morning. They will add notes if people call.
    • USPS Consumer Affairs: 612-349-4401

  • Share on Facebook and Twitter - share the phone numbers above and ask others to call
  • Send any media contacts you have to me at Also, contact them yourself if it's someone you know personally. Share the link to Jon Tevlin's story with them:

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